How can I split best an ITScope export in multiple exports?

When assembling exports, I would gladly divide them meaningfully into several exports.

What should I consider to do this?

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Davide Pennella
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When assembling a "larger" ITscope export, we recommend a division into several exports.

When dividing the limitation on 800,000 products should be taken.

See the following contribution:

When you create an export a meaningful subdivision should not be at the vendor level but on level Products.

For example, a division into:

  • An export with X suppliers for "Printers" and a separate (with same supplier) for "Accessories Printers"

  • An export with X suppliers for "mobile phones" and a separate (with same supplier) for "accessories mobile phones"

  • An Export with X suppliers for "Notebook" and "Tablet" and a separate (with same supplier) for "Notebook Accessories"

A splitting for suppliers we recommend generally not as a product, which can occur in a variety of product exports with X supplier, then according to the other export with "Y" Distributor (thus double / multiple)

For example:

  • Export with "X" Supplier for "Printer" and another Export with "Y" Delivery for "Printer".
    -> Here, of course, it can happen that a product is included in both export since "X" supplier and "Y" supplier offer it.
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