A price calculation consists of any number of price rules and can be applied to one or multiple customer groups. These price rules have three parameters: the manufacturer, the supplier and the product type

Rule Structure

In order to create a price rule all three parameters must be set. In case one of these parameters should include all types, the value "Any" can be set. 


If multiple rules are created, several of them might apply to the same product. In this case, it must be clear which rule takes effect. 

Therefore, a clear parameter hierarchy has been established:

Manufacturer > Supplier > Product type

In other words: Manufacturer have the highest priority, suppliers the second highest and product types the lowest. 


In order to illustrate this concept, here is an example:

The assignee of a portal has created two price rules in his calculation.


He is offering iPads in his customer portal. While iPads are listed as "Tablets", they are priced according to the Apple rule since manufacturers have a stronger hierarchy.

If another rule is added...


... the IPads would now be priced according to the Apple > Any > Tablets rule since it does include a manufacturer but is more precise than the first Apple rule. 

List of Rules

The list of rules is displayed according to their hierarchy. The lower a rule is listed the lower its priority. The standard rule with its parameters Any > Any > Any can be found at the very bottom and only takes effect if no other rule applies to a product. 

This list can be filtered with the search boxes that are located at the header of every column


Deleting a Price Calculation

Like other objects in the B2B Suite, a price calculation can only be deleted if it is not being used. Therefore, a calculation has to removed from all customer groups in order to be deleted. 

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