What are objects?

Objects within the B2B Suite are any property that has been created, such as product assortments, price calculations, customer groups etc. Most of this objects are bound to their respective portals and are invisible in any of the other portals. However two of them, product assortments and price calculations can be reused in multiple portals. Therefore, a distinction between local and global objects has to be made. 

Local objects

Local objects are only available within exactly one portal, usually the one where they were created. These objects can be edited by both the portal assignees and the B2B Suite administrator. 

Global objects

Global objects are visible and usable in all portals, but can only be edited by the administrator. All global objects are marked with the globe icon. 


Please note that changes made to a global object will affect all portals that are using this object.

Changing the object scope

The scope of an object can be changed by the administrator only. By clicking "Show usage", the usages can be displayed and the be toggled between local and global. 


The following aspects have to be taken into account when changing an object's usage. 

Local to global

Local product assortments and price calculation can be converted to global objects at any time. By doing so these objects become reusable in all portals, avoiding the creation o duplicate objects by portal assignees. 

Please note that this change makes the object non-editable for assignees, as global objects can only be worked on by the administrator.

Global to local

In order to change an object scope from global to local, the object's use has to be limited to one portal only. If the object is used by customer groups in multiple portals, the object has to removed from the respective customer groups first. After the object scope was changed to local, the object will be editable by the portal's assignees. 

Deleting objects

In order to delete an object of any type, the object must be entirely unused. The deletion of a price calculation for example will only be possible, once the calculation has been removed from all customer groups that were previously using this object.




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