As of now, two roles are present within the B2B Suite. Assignees and administrators. 


When an employees are assigned to portals, they become assignees. A portal can have multiple assignees and employees can be assigned to multiple portals. 

Employees can be assigned to portals within the portal overview. 


Assignees can only be added and removed by already existing assignees or the administrator.


Editing portals

Assignees can make changes to all portals they have been assigned to. Other portals can be viewed but not edited. 

Editing global objects

Assignees cannot edit global objects, even if they are being used in their portal. This right is unique to B2B administrators.

Admin view

Assignees without admin rights cannot access the admin view.


Administrators play a key role within the B2B Suite and have additional rights and responsibilities. 

There can be any number of admins. The settings for this can be found in the company section. Within your company, select an employee and access the "rights" tab. The option "B2B Suite admin" will transform this user into an administrator. 



Editing portals

Admins can access and edit all portals. 

Editing global objects

Admins are the only users that are able to edit global objects. Further information concerning global objects can be found in the support article about objects.

Admin View

The Admin view is a special realm for B2B Suite administrators. It lists all objects that have been created within the suite. In other words, it features all customers, customer groups, price calculations etc. These can be compared and also edited here. Furthermore, global objects that are currently not being used can also be found here. 

The admin view can be found in the upper right corner within the portal overview. 




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