The customer view gives B2B Suite proprietors the ability to visit customer portals from their clients perspective. using a temporary link, you will be redirected to a specific customer portal and will be logged in as an administrator.

This allows proprietors to check whether the configuration of the customer portal is to their liking. For example, the look and feel of categories, the product selection and the validity of product pricings can be reviewed.

Accessing Customer View

The customer view can be accessed via the customer tab within the portal configuration. Choose a customer and click on “prepare access”. Follow the created link to open the customer portal in a new shop. This link is only valid 5 seconds but can be generated any number of times. 


Using Customer View

While the customer view is a great place to look at a created customer portal, it is also fully interactive. The proprietor can take any action available to customers.  

Please note: All orders will be sent and received.

The customer view is a live system and should not be used as a test environment

Leaving Customer View

In order to exit customer view simply close the tab. In order to re-enter it, create a new link.


Please note: E-mails regarding orders placed by proprietors in customer view will only be sent to the proprietor and not the customer. The customer will not receive any notifications regarding these kinds of order via e-mail. 


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