This feature allows you to make sure that your customers orders never exceed a given value; the limit. The value going against the limit is the sum of all orders that have not been invoiced or dispatched yet. 

After completing the order in the portal, the order limit will be examined. In case the order pushes the sum of all order values past the limit, the order status will be set to "blocked". This will happen in any case, regardless of whether an automatic order process is in place or not. In the case of automation the order will not be processed automatically

Setting a limit - global

The global limit can be set within the portal configuration under the order service tab. This limit covers all customers. 


"-,--€" is the standard value and determines that no limit is active

Please note that a specified limit of 0,00€ will leave your customers with no opportunity to complete orders. 

Setting a limit - customer specific

Aside from a global limit, a customer specific one can be implemented. Go to the customer's "Account" tab in the portal configuration in order to set an individual limit. 

Please note that a global limit can be overwritten but not deactivated by an individual one. In essence, a global limit can only be overwritten by an entered value. 


The customer always receives the order confirmation via e-mail. He does not receive any special notification regarding his limit or the order status. However, the purchasing board and detail view will inform the user that his order has been "blocked".


The proprietor will be notified that an order exceeded the limit and has therefore been blocked.


The links provided in the e-mail redirect the recipient to the order in question or the customer's page in the portal configuration. 




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