If needed, fixed prices can be added to the B2B Suite. If a procduct is given a fixed price, the price rules will be ignored and the specified price will be shown as the net price. 

Product Assortments

Product lists

Using a product list, products that are already part of the ITscope catalog, can be statically added to a product selection. 


If you choose to give a product a fixed price, you can overwrite the pricing calculated by the price rules at the end of each row. For example, giving a product a fixed price of 150€ will make the listed HEK obsolete and the customer will be shown a net price of 150€. 

In case your settings allow for your customers to see suppliers, the supplier specific prices will be overwritten by the given fixed price. 

File with Products

Files with product data allow for the addition of products that are not listed within the ITscope catalog. In case such a file is uploaded the price of a product is always interpreted as the net sales price. 

After entering a link to the file, ITscope will start scanning the contents. This process can take up to three days. Once completed, you will be given a summary of the file data. Prices and availability of products will be updated every 20 minutes. Any other data related to a product will be updated once during every night. 

If B2B customers are allowed to view the suppliers, products imported via product files, will display the portal name as the only available supplier. The imported net sales price and the stock of this product will be taken directly form the imported file.


Products unknown to the ITscope catalog

This case requires the creation and input of a file with specified fixed prices. All stock information and prices will be relayed to the customer portal exactly as they are within the file. The distributor shown to the customer will always be the portal name.

Products included in the ITscope catalog - with fixed prices

Under the product tab in the portal configuration, products can be added to product lists that already exist within the ITscope catalog. On the right side of every row, a fixed net sales price can be added to the product. Within the customer portal, the prices of all sources of supply will be set to this specified fixed price. The stock quantities of these sources will be copied over. Furthermore, these sources of supplies can still be anonymised, for example as stock A etc. 

Products included in the ITscope catalog - with fixed prices and inventory 

If a cataloged product with a fixed price and a specific stock (which will receive the portal name as its source of supply) should be displayed, the product has to be imported via a fixed price file. 

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