Setting up project prices is the same process as setting up other eServices. To set up a project list, navigate to the company overview page of the supplier you want to set up the project list for.

For example, we can do this using the search bar:



Open the supplier's page and add the supplier to the network, if not already done so.

Then open the 'My account' tab on the company page and click on 'Project list' on the left.


Now enter the access data for the project list, which you received from the supplier. Often the project lists are stored on an FTP server, similar to individual price lists. The access data consists of an FTP username and password. Depending on the supplier, it may be necessary to ask for the file name of the project list. These too are provided by the supplier.

Finally, click on the green 'Activate settings' button. The retrieval of the project list is initiated immediately after this and the setup of the project list is completed.

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