The creation of a a new B2B portal can be completed without needing to adjusting any additional settings. 

A sub domain is available in the Domain settings of your portal. This one has been configured automatically. You can freely choose the name of this sub domain when creating a new B2B portal. 

If need be, you can swap to a personal domain. This can be done under the "Custom domain" section in the Domain Settings. In case of a custom domain, portal customers will now solely see the domain you have configured. This article will walk you through the steps necessary in order to complete this process.


Adding a custom domain

In case no custom domain has yet been configured, the button "Configure custom shop domain" will open a dialogue window. 

This dialogue expects the input of a syntactically valid domain.

After saving this input successfully, this domain has been added to the configuration and new buttons will appear. Here the domain can be changed, checked for activity, or deleted. 

The status label below the domain name points out that a DNS-Entry is necessary. 

Registering a custom domain

You custom domain has to point towards the domain as an alias.

Therefore, a CNAME DNS-Entry needs to be added within the domain registry. The specific way to accomplish this can vary based on the registry type. The needed documentation and guidance should be provided by your registry. 

SSL certificate

Access to the portal via the registered sub domain and your own custom domain is granted using HTTPS protocols. The required certificates are created by us automatically as domain validated certificates. No action is needed on your part. 

In case you would rather use your own certificates, please contact the ITscope support. 

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