Availability of company logos

All image links from ITscope are delivered via a dedicated service to ensure better performance and cache utilization of the images. The links are used consistently across the ITscope platform, exports, and API formats.

To obtain the company logo of a manufacturer or a distributor, use for distributors eg:


or for manufacturers eg:


The back parameter is the manufacturer or distributor ID. The manufacturer or distributor IDs are in response to the manufacturer API query:


or for distributors:



Adaptation of logos

With additional parameters, images can also be transformed on the fly, eg fitted or cut to size. Example:


You can attach parameters yourself to perform transformations. The following modifiers are available:

  • Fit picture:
    • fit = {$ width} x {height} $
  • Fit picture with cropping:
    • fitcrop = {$ width} x {height} $ d [NONE | VERTICAL | HORIZONTAL | BOTH | SMALLEST]
  • Fit picture and rotate:
    • smart = {$ width} {height} $ {x x $ rotationally}
  • Image in grayscale:
    • greyscale = 1

The results are kept in cache for one day.

Note: This page has been translated with the Google Translation Service.

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