This article is intended for administrators of the ITscope account.

Some e-mails from ITscope will be sent on your behalf, such as invitations for people or for quotes. In order to avoid that emails do not occasionally end up in the spam folder at the recipient and ITscope is no longer visible as the sender, you have two options:

  1. You can authenticate your domain for shipping via ITscope
  2. You can let ITscope send emails through your own mail server.

The settings are located in the "Email" section in your account area:


Set up your own domain

If you do not want to use your own mail server and you want to continue to send everything via ITscope, it is recommended to authorize ITscope via DNS settings to send emails on behalf of your domain. This is done by means of SPF and DKIM TXT entries for all domains with which you want to send via ITscope (the login aliases of your employees).

To get the entries you need to make, select "Add domain" in the email section and enter your email domain. If your employees all If you are logged in with E-Mail-Addresses, you have to enter "" as domain.

Then you get two entries,

for example

For SPF: DNS TXT entry: key =
Value: v = spf1 include: ~ all
(Note: If there is already an SPF entry for your domain, eg for Gmail or, you can simply include the include: in the existing one, eg v = spf1 include: include: _spf include: ~ all ")

For DKIM: DNS TXT entry: key = and value = k = rsa; p = ....

If you are unable to make the entries yourself, please forward the data to the person responsible for your Internet domain. If the customization does not happen, emails will be displayed in your name as "sent via", for example.

The settings are only active when you make the entries, then select "Recheck DNS entries" and the domain in the ITscope is set to "Verified = yes".


Configure your own mail server

Alternatively, you can specify the SMTP access data for one of your mail servers via which ITscope should send e-mails. In this case you do not have to set up your own domain, but you have to select the option "own mail server" for "Send emails via".

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