For your better orientation when working with the ITscope sales board, we have compiled a small glossary for you. Below, you will find detailed explanations of the most important terms related to the topic ‘selling through ITscope’.



Sales board

The sales board in ITscope is your sales area as a distributor. It can be accessed through the tab “Sales” in the main menu on the left.

Received orders

The moment a customer places an order with you in ITscope, it is immediately displayed in the left column of your sales board. From here, you may check the order and subsequently confirm or decline it via the context menu of the order. If you would like to confirm the order, you can do so alternatively by dragging and dropping it into the middle column “Confirmed orders”.

Confirmed orders

In the middle column “Confirmed orders” of your sales board, all orders are displayed which have been confirmed but not yet transacted. As soon as you have dispatched all items of an order, simply drag & drop the order into the right column “Completed orders”.

Completed orders

The column “Completed orders” gives you an overview of all orders that have been dispatched. You may also set the status of an order to “invoiced”.


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