With the online price inquiry feature, you can now request prices for one or more items in the quantity that you need from all distributors that are relevant to you in one shot.


This is how you start a price inquiry

Add all items for your demand to your cart and click “Request position” in the context menu.

A card titled "Price inquiry" opens above the items in your respective shopping cart. Using the search bar, add the company name of a distributor, your contact's name, or any e-mail address to your inquiry. By this, all users from the distribution registered at ITscope are automatically searched. Meanwhile, the online status of a contact person informs you of who is currently active within ITscope. Should your contact person not be found in the search results, they will be invited through their e-mail address.

A predefined standard e-mail opens. It will be dispatched on click on the “Send” button.

This way, you many now add as many partners to your inquiry as you would like.

The following video outlines the workflow:



This is how you accept a quote

Once a price has been offered by your supplier contact, you will see a note on the item line. By clicking on the avatar of your inquiry partner(s) listed on the "price inquiry" card, you can view their quote(s).

As soon as a quote has been made, you can see the quote price right next to the inquired position. This way, you can directly compare all incoming quotes. The price selection menu of an item provides an overview of all quoted prices.


Received a good quote? Great! You can now directly order your items. However, in case you would like to clarify questions upfront, or would like to negotiate the price further, you can do so conveniently any time via the chat in the context area on the right. Use this opportunity to exchange information with our distribution partner in real-time.


You may order quoted items directly at the quoted price in ITscope. Chose from the following alternative ways to prepare a quote for ordering:

  1. by clicking the button "Order items" on your inquiry
  2. by clicking the button "Prepare order" on the supplier card in the shopping cart
  3. by drag & drop of the supplier card onto the "prepared orders" column


This is how you withdraw a price inquiry

If the article that you have requested is no longer needed, or a price inquiry has been started erroneously, you can withdraw your inquiry at any time without any problems. Simply click on the context menu of the respective position again and select “undo price inquiry”.


 Further explanation of the terminology used can be found in our purchasing board glossary.

Note: This page has been translated with the Google Translation Service.

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