Products can be supplied with price or storage arms to receive notification by e-mail when a price threshold or a bearing threshold is exceeded.

Set alarm

A product alert can be found on the product page by clicking on "price / stock alert" (1) create. This opens a pop-up window where you can set the monitor type (2). It is possible to choose between the price alarm, the lowering of the desired price and the storage arm triggered when the desired stock is reached or exceeded by any supplier.

Price alarm

The input field (3) can specify the exact desired price (HEK). Alternatively, it is also possible to enter a percentage value using the slider under the input field.

Below that is a price history (4), in the HEK-trend and the threshold value is displayed. So you can get a feeling for when and whether the desired price can be achieved.

With the Save button the price alarm is created and activated.

Stock alarm

But if you want to set up a stock alert Simply change up the monitoring type (2). So you manage to stock alert, where the desire stock (5) can be specified.

The caption reads, which supplier currently comes your desire stock closest to the number of items in stock (6).

Here, too, the storage button is used to create and activate the storage arm.

Change or delete product alarm

If with a product, a product Alarm created, you can see this on the basis of orange alarm clock symbol (7). By clicking on the icon or the "price / stock alert" button you can adjust the alarm or completely delete ( "Delete alarm" in the popup window).

Manage product alarms

For an overview of all product alarms obtained via the Products menu> product alarms (8).

A list of all products to which a product alarm is assigned is now displayed. It is irrelevant whether this is a price alarm or a storage arm. Here you can recall the corresponding product and change or delete the alarm.

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