The qualification of the product properties describes not only the quality of the properties, but also their origin.


Value Bit position Identifier Description
0 - unknown no more reference data can be determined for the property
1 0 unqualified value is automatically generated from a single free text
2 1 automatically qualified property qualified through several distributors or manual assignment
4 2 <reserved>  
8th 3 ITscope manually qualified manually added by ITscope
16 4 <reserved>  
32 5 Icecat qualified Icecat qualified properties
64 6 manufacturer, automatically qualified properties extracted from free texts supplied by the manufacturer
128 7 manufacturer, manually assigned manually assigned manufacturer characteristics
256 8th <reserved>  
512 9 <reserved>  
1024 10 distributor, majority qualified characteristics match for most of the distributors



A property has a qualification of 1057 (1024 + 32 + 1):

  • distributor majority-qualified (1024)
  • Icecat qualified (32)
  • single free text (1)

In binary form, the property looks like this: 0000_0100_0010_0001.

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