All product properties of the type "number" are converted to a basic unit. In order to obtain a standard display value, a unit (eg GB) that is common to the respective property is converted.


ANSILUMENANSILUMENAnsilumenLighting power in ansilumen

ID of the basic unit ID of the derived unit (s) Derived units description
BIT KBIT, BIT KBit, bit Bus width or bit resolution
BPS GBPS, MBPS, KBPS, BPS Gbps, Mbps, Kbps, Bps Transmission rate, normalized to bit / s



TB, TB, KB, byte, KB, MB, GB, MB, GB Memory capacity normalized to byte. Disks have 1000s multiples, all other 1.024s (..bibyte)
CENT EURO, CENT €, c Currency in euro, cen standardized
COERC COERC Oe Coercivity (streamer)
CPI CPI Cpi Font size in cpi
CPS CPS, CPM Cps, cpm Printing speed in cps
DAY DAY, MONTH, YEAR Days, months, years Duration, normalized to days
DB DB DB Sound pressure / noise margin
DEG DEG ° Degree (angle)
DEGC DEGC ° C Degree Celsius (temperature)
DPI DPI Dpi Print resolution in dpi
FPS FPS FPS Frame rate in frames / sec.
GRPM2 GRPM2 G / m² Specific weight, normalized to g / m²
HZ HZ, MHZ, GHZ, KHZ Hz, MHz, GHz, KHz Frequency, normalized to Hz
ID ID   Integer ID of a manufacturer
KBS GBS, KBS, GBH, MBM, MBS GB / s, KB / s, GB / hr, MB / min, MB / sec Data rate, normalized to kB / s
KELVIN KELVIN K Degree Kelvin (temperature)
LPINCH LPINCH Lpi Lines per inch resolution
LUMEN LUMEN Lumen Brightness, normalized on lumens
M3PH M3PH, CFM M³ / hr, cfm Volume flow, normalized to m³ / h
MAH MAH, AH MAh, Ah Capacity in mAh
MBAR MBAR, BAR MBar, bar Pressure in millibar
MCD MCD, CD Mcd, cd Millicandela
MCDPM2 MCDPM2, CDM2 Mcd / m², cd / m² Luminance, normalized to mcd / m²
MGR GR, KG, MGR G, kg, mg Weight, normalized to mg
MINCH MINCH, INCH , & Quot; Length specifications, normalized to 0.001 inch
ML ML, LITER Ml, l Capacity normalized to ml
MLPH LPH, MLPH L / hr, ml / hr Flow rate normalized to ml / h
MLUX LUX, MLUX Lux, Luminosity, normalized to 0.001 lux
MM M, MM, KM, CM M, mm, km, cm Length specification, normalized to mm
MM2 CM2, M2, MM2 Cm², m², mm² Area normalized to mm²
MM3 MM3, CM3, M3 Mm³, cm³, m³ Volume, normalized to mm³
MMPS MMPS, KMH, KMSEC, MSEC Mm / s, km / h, km / s, m / s Speed, normalized to mm / s
MNUMBER NUMBER, KNUMBER, MNUMBER   Other count sizes normalized to 0.001
MOHM OHM, MOHM Ohm, mOhm Resistance / impedance, normalized to mOhm
MVOLT VOLT, KVOLT, MVOLT V, kV, mV Voltage, normalized to mV
MWATT WATT, KW, MW, MWATT W, kW, MW, mW Power, normalized to mW
NM NM, MICM Nm, μm Microscopes, normalized to nanometers
NS MS, NS Ms, ns Times <1 second, normalized to nanosecond
NWM NWM Nm Newtonmeter
PF NF, PF, MF, F, MICF NF, pF, mF, F, μF Capacity normalized to picoFarad
pin code pin code pin code Number of plug / chip pins
PIXEL PIXEL, MPIXEL, KPIXEL Pixels, MP, TP Resolution, normalized to pixels
PPH PPH, PPM Ppm, pph Pages / hour
RA RA Ra Color rendering index
RPM RPM, KRPM Rpm, revolutions per minute
SECOND HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND H, min, s Time between 1s and 24h
SONE SONE Sone Sensing noise
TEXT ORGTEXT, TEXT , Standardized texts
WS MWH, KWH, WH, WS MWh, kWh, Wh, Ws Energy consumption, normalized to Ws

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