Order process via RESTful API to your EDI interface

There are always several participants in an order process

  • external interface (shop, ERP, or own development) via the ITscope Deal API
  • Distributor EDI system

see further information on the subject of sending orders, order status, order response documents and current EDI connections

In order to make the ordering process as simple as possible, ITscope relies on the industry standard OpenTrans 2.1 .

For the API and platform users, this means that all documents are in one format. This means that ITscope converts OpenTrans 2.1 orders received via the API and the platform into the respective EDI format of the distributor.

This format is sent to the distributor in different ways (RESTful API or FTP). The distributor processes the orders and generates order response documents and sends them back to ITscope via RESTful API or ITscope collects these documents via FTP.

ITscope converts the incoming documents in the distributor-specific EDI format back to OpenTrans 2.1. An order status can be determined from the incoming documents. The order response documents are again available in OpenTrans 2.1 format for the API and platform users.



Order process via FTP to your EDI interface


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