The technical properties that are transferred in the attributes cluster (for example: attributeCluster.csv) are groupings of the properties.

A list of all product types including. The Top5 (attributeTypeId1..attributeTypeId5) category dependent attributes you can use the products API method getProductTypes retrieve.

In this grouping of properties across properties and category is divided into category-dependent properties.

Category overarching properties are attributes that apply to all product types such as:

  • color
  • dimension
  • weight

Category-dependent properties are attributes that apply only in certain product types such as:

Screen size (inch) at "TFTs" such as: 15 ", 17", 24 "


Storage capacity with "hard drives" such as: "500GB" "1024GB"


Full volume in Product Type "cartridges" such as: value "20ml" "38ml - 47ml", "110ml"


The attributes clusters for both export data profiles are available: "standard" and "developer".

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