Overview of contracts and prices

The overview of contracts and prices can be found on our homepage.

On the contract management under "My Account" you can find the contract details for your ITscope plan or licensed modules:

In the header area, you will find out in summary all the information about your contract. First, you will see your current plan and the total monthly cost (1) . This is composed of the basic price of the plan and modules included. Here you can also change the payroll period (monthly or annually according to contract conditions).

To the right you can see the number of your user licenses (2) . Here you can conveniently book additional licenses as needed.

The third section lists your included modules (3) (eg content, support and / or export contracts).

On the right, general contract information (4) is displayed.

Below the header you will find all ITscope Plans. You can always upgrade to a higher plan here.

Change contract

In contract management, you always have the option of upgrading to a higher plan (using the "Upgrade now " buttons), changingthe billing cycle or adding user licenses ("More licenses").

In any case, the window " Change contract " opens (5). Here you can adjust the contract according to your wishes and conclude with a click on " Buy " (6) binding.

You will receive a confirmation of your change (7) . You can check and, if necessary, adjust your billing email address in this step.

In the last step you will see your current payment method (8) . You can check your payment details in this step and adjust them if necessary.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff at the following contact details:

ITscope sales 
Tel .: +49 721 627376-0 
E-mail: sales@itscope.com

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