Overview of permissions

With the rights users can be assigned rights for the ITscope platform as well as ITscope API.

All changes to the authorizations are only effective after a new logout / login.


Account owner

An implied right for the first registered employee of a newly created company. This right is awarded automatically.

Since only one employee can have this right, it can not be assigned, but must be transferred from the current account owner to another employee.

The account owner can manage contracts and change or acquire contracts within ITscope.


With this right, other employees may be given or deprived of their rights. In addition, the administrator enable or disable employees.

You can not deny yourself the administrator right, this can only be another administrator. This always leaves at least 1 administrator in the company.

In the administrator right, the other rights are not included.

Place order

With this right, prepared orders inside purchase board can be sent to the supplier. This right is not needed to fill shopping carts.


With this right, orders can be processed by customers on the sales board. In addition, each employee receives a notification of receipt of an order with this right.

This permission is only relevant for accounts that list on ITscope and accept orders.

Manage own company

With this right, one's own company profile can be managed, eg descriptions, addresses and company profile.

Add a partner

With this permission you can add distributors or manufacturers to your network.

However, this permission can not set up or configure the e-services from the partners and also not end a partnership.

Configure eServices

With this right you can have the possibility to configure eServices from partners that are already added to your partner network. 

This right also allows the termination of a partnership.

The deposited customer number at the partnership can only be changed with this right "Configure eServices".

This user right does not allow the addition of other companies to your own company network .

Manage data exports

With this right exports can be created and configured.

Any employee can download these exports, regardless of this right.

Use quote methods

With this right, the use of the API Businessquotes method can be restricted.

Use deal methods

With this right, the use of the API Businessdeals method can be restricted.

Use cart methos

With this right, the use of the API BusinessCarts method can be restricted.


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