The Dashboard is your new focal point and home to ITscope. Here you have all the important functions and information on your account at a glance and have the ability to work faster and more efficiently.

In the first tile (1) is the product. Here you have the possibility to find a product by specifying a Freitext. The 5 most relevant results for your search term are displayed directly to you by live search.

Suppliers accounts whose means you have not yet completed, will be displayed on the dashboard (2). With one click you have the ability to specify your data from the supplier to set up individual and Realtime quotes, to get that for you the best pricedisplayed.

The product portal is still on the corresponding tile (3) available to you, where you can search for products by category, can browse top products and favorites in current offerings.

As a distributor you are now reaching the Distributor comparison report even more quickly (4). With one click you get a comprehensive Excel table where you can compare your selection with other suppliers and get an insight on the current market.*

Do you have questions regarding the product? Feel free to open a support ticket and explain your concerns quickly and conveniently from the corresponding tile (5). Our customer support team will get in touch with you in a timely manner to clarify your request.


* The distributor comparison report and the corresponding tile are only available to suppliers with active distributor listing.

Note: This page has been translated with the Google Translation Service.

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