The data for Quotes (deals) are available in the output formats available XML and JSON.



name Compulsory field Data type description
quoteId   String (36) Unique key of the offer (internal)
quoteNo   String (255) Offer number as it appears on the document
shortUrl   String (2048) Individual link to the offer, to the recipient of the offer
name   String (255) Name given by the author of the offer
status   String (255) Condition of the offer, eg "In negotiation"
lastModified   Date Last modified date
validUntil   Date Validity date until which the offer applies
organization   String (255) Name of the organization to which the offer is addressed
person   String (511) Name of recipient (first and last name)
ItemCount   Integer Number of items in the offer (including optional items)
documentUrl   String (255) API business documents URL for downloading the document


Offer status

  • DRAFT: Offer is in draft
  • PROGRESS: Offer is shared with the beneficiary
  • WON: Recipient has accepted the offer, the order has been won
  • LOST: Recipient has declined the offer, the order is lost

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