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The basis for the connection to an individual application, the parts of the ITscope online platform.


Register an Application in Windows

In Windows, this works with the help of its own URL protocol. For this, there is an MSDN entry from Microsoft.

Already predefined protocols are http: // or xls: // or ftp: //.

For your own application, you can create your own URL protocol in the Windows registry, which means that every time the browser finds a URL with your protocol, the application is started.

We now call your example application wawi.exe. The URL protocol is called wawi: //. The entry for the Windows Registry would be in this case

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"URLProtocol" = ""
[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ wawi \ shell]
[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ wawi \ shell \ open]
[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ wawi \ shell \ open \ command]
@ = "C: \\ Program Files \\ wawi.exe% 1"

For explanation:

Lines 2 and 3 tell the operating system there is a URL protocol named wawi, so calls from the browser are possible via wawi: //.Lines 4 to 7 tell the operating system which application to run when the log is called. % 1 means that the application is passed an argument. This argument can be the ITscope ProduktId or the EAN number and is defined in the portal.

Configure the application on the portal

The configuration is done on any product page, via the button button

The approach is:

  1. Click Share button
  2. configuration menu
  3. Give the application a name
  4. Enter URL protocol and desired parameters (Destination URL, Available Paremter: <id>, <ean>, <name>, <shortinfo>, <manufacturer_pid>, <manufacturer_name>). Eg wawi: // <ean> passes the EAN (4960999617015) of the product to your application
  5. Tile, then start a new tab or window with the call wawi: // 4960999617015


The operating system starts the application wawi.exe and passes the application as an argument the value 4,960,999,617,015th You can then process your application, for example a ITscope product API start retrieval to obtain data for an item plant in your application.

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