HTTP Header Accept-Language

Desired languages for product content can be set exclusively via the HTTP Accept-Language header in the header of the request an HTTP client (eg browser or Anwedung).


Web browser

A browser as has standing in the field Accept-Language following


This would ask the product content in German (de_de) and English (en_us).


Application via HTTP client

An HTTP application client can now also set analogous to the browser Accept- Language field, or the ITscope use internal language codes. These can be entered in a comma-separated manner in order to obtain the product content in several languages.


ITscope API language codes

The ITscope API can interpret the following language codes:

  • de - German
  • en - English
  • fr - French
  • it - Italian
  • es - Spanish
  • nl - Dutch

An example of english and french product content, would be an HTTP Accept-Language header with the value "en, fr".

The content in all languages can be retrievied via "de, en, fr, nl, it, es".


Contentlanguage in Export / Api data formats

If no HTTP Accept-Language header content is always returned in German as the default.

There are 2 areas in which texts will be textcontent. At the product level applies to data format standard and developer . And in Text Content area, this is only in the data format developer.


Rules for data format standard

In the data format standard content can each be accessed only in 1 language. For example "fr, de" in the HTTP Accept-Language header would always return only the content in the language of the first speech codes. In our example just the content in french.

In the data format standard that Angage the Accept-Language HTTP header applies for content at the product level,


Rules for data format developer

In the data format developer content can be accessed in all languages in the export / Api element text content, which are set by HTTP Accept-Language header. For example setting "en, de, fr"  than the content in the language English, German and French will be found in the element text content. In the product area the description contens are in English.

In the data format developer to specify valid exclusively for text content level. The content on the product level remains the data format developer always in the first submitted language.

The text content is divided into several areas as languageIds for content , content providers , content categories and content tags .The correct text can then be determined from these data.

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