The product selection defines the rules for determining the products to be exported.


Topping basic information (1) were added to the product range. Click on the title to open the editor. The name of the product selection (2) is generated based on the settings of the choices, but is also editable. The configuration form is in the areas of supplier selection (3) Filter (4) Product group selection (5) and for further restrictions (6) divided. In the header, this definition of the product range can also be deleted (7) when it is no longer needed in the future.

Please note that when selecting products product export limit.

Supplier selection

In order to determine the products to be exported, the desired suppliers must first be selected. If all partner's own company are taken into account in the export, the option "My partner" be used instead of having to add these suppliers manually. Individual suppliers are added via the selection box. The consideration of all suppliers is also possible, but is not recommended.

Manufacturer selection

If only certain manufacturers are to be included in the product selection, this filter can be set here. Individual manufacturers can be added via the selection box. Should be no filtering of the manufacturer, the option "All" is the right choice.

Product group selection

The product groups to be considered can either be determined individually or they are all taken into account. If the groups are individually defined, at least one must be selected.

A click on a selected application opens a filter region (8), which is used optionally to further restrict the products. The operation is similar to the handling of the filters in the product search of the ITscope platform. The button "show products" (9) opens a product in a new browser window with the expected for this group products.

Other restrictions

In addition to the selection criteria already established, the results can be further limited, in which predetermined quality criteria can be switched on or off. In the article "Further restrictions in the product selection" find out further details.

Finish editing

To close the editor and return to the back Exportdefintionen either the "Close and export credits" (10) or simply click the Editor tab can be closed.

At the bottom of the editor to the activities area (11) to open choices. You can also add notes here.

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