The htmlSpecs field in exports or API retrieving includes the technical specifications. These can come from different content providers depending on the contract, eg CNET, Icecat, manufacturer or ITscope.

There are currently 2 formats available in the htmlSpecs field

htmlSpecs for all content providers

The format of the htmlSpecs is available in this form.

<Div id = "HTML_SPEC" class = "ITSs">
<Div class = "ITSg"> General </ div>
<Div class = "ITSr0">
<Div class = "ITSn"> Printer Type </ div>
<Div class = "ITSv"> Workgroup Printer - LED Color </ div>
</ Div>
<Div class = "ITSg"> Printer </ div>
<Div class = "ITSr0">
<Div class = "ITSn"> Print Speed ​​</ div>
<Div class = "ITSv"> Up to 24 ppm. - b / w - Up to 22 ppm. - color </ div>
</ Div>
<Div class = "ITSr1">
<Div class = "ITSn"> Connection technology </ div>
<Div class = "ITSv"> Wired </ div>
</ Div>
<Div class = "ITSr0">
<Div class = "ITSn"> Interface </ div>
<Div class = "ITSv"> USB, LAN </ div>
</ Div>
</ Div>
</ Div>

Using css-styles, the respective CSS classes can be adapted to their own requirements.

Here is an overview of the IDs and their meaning:

CSS classes description
ITSs Section / section of the technical features, eg main features, detailed details
ITSg Group of technical characteristics
ITSr0 Straight line for a technical feature
ITSr1 Odd line for a technical feature
ITSn Name of a technical feature
ITSv Value of a technical feature




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