Rights of use and activation for resellers

As a matter of principle, images and market-related texts are subject to copyright, and neither ITscope nor Icecat or CNet are allowed to grant general usage rights, which is simply not possible with several thousand manufacturers. However, since manufacturers are principally interested in selling their products and making pictures exactly for this purpose, it is customary in the industry to use manufacturers' product pictures for sales purposes, eg in online shops and offers, without having to do this with each individual manufacturer Licensing agreement.

For some manufacturers, image usage is only desirable for selected reseller partners. Accordingly, a general export exclusion for product images or marketing texts applies to these manufacturers. The corresponding data / images are blocked by ITscope for the export / API from the system, or corresponding contents are removed from hosted data sheets, even if they are visible within the ITscope.com platform.

The export lock can be released for most manufacturers at ITscope after a usage permit, eg Samsung or Philipps. This use permit you can contact us via email to support@itscope.com send and we will turn the producers photos free.


List of blocked manufacturers images in Export / Api

Manufacturer Name ManufacturerId Blocked in Export / Api Unlockable
A-Solar (XTORM) 9440 Yes No
ABUS Security-Center 3090 Yes No
ADVENT Computers 10522 Yes Yes
AMAZON 9397 Yes Yes
Audiovox Communications 127 Yes Yes
Bauknecht Hausgeräte 9700 Yes Yes
Bauknecht Hausgeräte (Whirpool) 11617 Yes Yes
Becker 2907 Yes No
Bosch Group 168 Yes Yes
Canton 191 Yes Yes
Caso Germany 9809 Yes Yes
Captiva 1393 Yes Yes
Davis Watches 1940 Yes Yes
Denon 1816 Yes Yes
Dyson 9727 Yes No
Einhell 9698 Yes Yes
EFB Elektronik 361 Yes Yes
Energizer 2317 Yes Yes
Falk 429 Yes Yes
Formlabs 13385 Yes Yes
Fröhlich & Walter / Tecline 6881 Yes Yes
Gaggia 15431 Yes Yes
Gigaset 1564 Yes Yes
Giotto's Industrial 1367 Yes Yes
GoPro 9542 Yes Yes
Harman International Industries 514 Yes Yes
Heco 9540 Yes Yes
Hirschmann Electroniccs 9540 Yes Yes
Holux 534 Yes No
Imagination Technology Group 563 Yes Yes
InVision Software 10523 Yes Yes
Yesmo 2835 Yes Yes
Jura 1611 & 11316 Yes Yes
Kentix 11183 Yes No
Kenwood Corperation 626 Yes Yes
Klipsch 8623 Yes Yes
Kodak 642 Yes Yes
LG 674 Yes Yes
Lowepro 689 Yes Yes
Mac Audio 9558 Yes Yes
Magnat 8694 Yes Yes
Mairdumont 10528 Yes Yes
Massive 10086 Yes Yes
Melitta 2064 Yes Yes
Metz 748 Yes Yes
Miele & Cie 2023 Yes Yes
Mirage Loudsprekers 10524 Yes Yes
Nikon 828 Yes Yes
Nevox 10490 Yes Yes
Nivona 10527 Yes Yes
Oehlbach Kabel 849 Yes Yes
Omega Electric 10525 Yes Yes
OtterBox Products 1668 Yes Yes
Parrot 887 Yes Yes
Peter Jäckel Kommunikationssysteme 9387 Yes Yes
Philips 903 Yes Yes
Pioneer 911 Yes Yes
Pioneer Hill Software 10529 Yes Yes
Pioneer Research 912 Yes Yes
Proxxon 10682 No No
RCA Audio Video 10526 Yes Yes
Rollei 988 Yes Yes
Saeco 2385 Yes Yes
Samsung 1015 Yes Yes
Sanyo 1018 Yes Yes
Schwaiger 4641 Yes Yes
Siemens 1049 Yes Yes
Skullcandy 8765 Yes Yes
Sonos 8761 Yes Yes
Sony 1086 Yes Yes
Sony Mobile Communications 1087 Yes Yes
TechniSat 1157 Yes No
Tecline 6881 Yes Yes
Tektronix 1164 Yes Yes
THB Bury (Bury Technologies) 1386 Yes No
United Navidation 10530 Yes Yes
VCM 1237 Yes No
Vivanco 1345 Yes Yes
Xerox 1306 Yes Yes
Xoro 2393 Yes Yes


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