In addition to the pre-established selection criteria can be the result set further restrict one in the predetermined quality criteria or can be turned off.

Only products with ITscope catalog ID, no supplier products ending in -999

This setting means specifically that only the products are exported are not the product qualification have "Distributor Qualified".

"End-of-end supplier products" can be duplicates, or products that do not have a clear product type. Thus, these products remain as price lists and are not assigned. These types of products are immediately removed from the database as soon as the underlying supplier no longer has the product on offer.

Only products with at least one of the selected suppliers

A product is only exported when setting this preference, if any of the above in the choices selected supplier has the product in stock. For example, a product can be excluded from export if the product is in stock at some suppliers, but not at the selected ones.

Only new, exclude used market

By putting this setting is only new exported. Thus takes only an export of products with the status code 1 Even B-goods or new goods without packaging are then no longer exported.

Only products with pictures

This setting is interesting for exporting to online stores. Often you do not want to present their products to customers without a picture without a picture. This option excludes all products from exports, which have no exportable images.

Caution: This setting can also exclude products with perceived images, although images are available on the platform. These images can be ruled out for many different reasons by exports, as allowed by the supplier is unable to export its images or the manufacturer blocked the export of images (see the list of blocked manufacturer). This also means, for example, that you will not receive any more Samsung products before you are explicitly released by us.

Only products with calculated prices

Products are only exported when this setting is set, if a calculated price exists. This can be seen for example on the product side in the blue header at "vk". If there is no price (-, - €) this can be related to the price calculation.

The contributions pricing index and pricing settings can tell you more.

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