Request Limits

Any excess of the HTTP requests from an IP address to a value of 200 compounds in a time frame of 30 seconds, each additional connection of the participants for 30 minutes with an error message

HTTP 503 Rate Limit Exceeded. You're now blocked for 30 minutes. ITscope Web Service and ITscope Api is limited to 200 requests per 30 seconds.

Blocked. It is only after 30 minutes that successful connections to the API can be established.

This limitation is to be used as a guideline, who acts directly at the limit of this limit, a higher risk of being blocked.

In order to prevent any connection restrictions, there are several ways to communicate with the web services.

  • Retrieve more records at a time: A maximum of 50 products can be queried in a request (using comma-separated values, eg search / id = 123000,346001,943875000 etc.). The maximum size of a request header is 16 kb for our web service.
  • Send the requests with a delay, eg with a pause of a few seconds after each request
  • In any case, a HTTP should be user-agent header set ever since otherwise engage stricter blocking rules. Instructions for setting the user agent
  • The ITscope Export data to use in order to obtain larger amounts of data

Realtime query limits

More details are in the description of the real-time query parameters to find

Dataexport limits

More details are in the article data formats and output formats to find.


Attributes and Attributeclusters

The attributes and attributecluster are only visible in the data formats and output formats if the appropriate contract is available.

See under the Data export information the points Attributecluster and ITscope Attributes System.


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