In this area suppliers can configure their e-Services they provide to their customers. This includes the individual price list, the realtime interface, the order function and listing. These settings are valid for all of your customers on ITscope.

The configuration of own e-Services requires the permission "e-Service Administrators".

The e-Services Admin Tab is partitioned into those e-Services you provide as a supplier. In those partitions different settings, contact persons, instructions or default values can be set for your customers.

Real-time / individual price list

(german: "Realtime" and "Preisliste")

It's possible to set a contact person and describe the respective e-Service for your customers here. Provide instructions for your customers how they get their login credentials and how they have to be set up.


(german: "Bestellung")

The area orders is important for those suppliers who'd like to sell on ITscope. The most important field here is the first: E-mail adress for orders. This field is mandatory since you want to get notified for every order made through ITscope. Additionally, every user having the permission "Selling" (Verkaufen) also gets an E-mail for incoming orders.

Here you can also set the contact person for orders (1).

You may also fill out every other mandatory field marked with *

* = mandatory


This area are your settings for your listing at ITscope. You can set a contact person for all listing questions (2).

The first two fields are mandatory. The E-mail address for listing errors is getting notified by our distributor self service if there's something going wrong with your listing.

Every distributor on ITscope also has to provide a link to their terms and conditions.

* = mandatory

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