A custom number can be defined as the starting number for the quote numbers (1).

In the template settings (3-5), you can define an individualised company quote header, as well as the line item texts and a quote footer. For the line item texts, use the variables already defined in conjunction with HTML tags, such as <p> for paragraph or <b> to mark the font bold. You can also overwrite these defaults manually when editing a quote.

The quote can be made available to the customer using your own domain (6). A subdomain with a DNS CNAME entry on 'itquote.de' has to be set up for this. By default, 'itquote.de' is used as the domain.

To apply the settings to the current quote, click on 'Apply template' (7). Any texts that have manually been added/changed in a quote will be lost!

In the 'Notification' tab, you have the possibility to be informed by email as soon as changes have been made to the quote. These settings are user-specific, and notifications will be sent to the login email address.

In the 'Print template' tab, the page margins can be set for the PDF quote document. The standard setting here is the DIN-5008 industrial standard. You can also upload and select your company's letterhead here.

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    ITscope Support

    The quote domain must be a CNAME entry pointing to itquote.de or quote.itscope.com.