Assigned sources of reference are provided with an indication of the matching quality - a number from 1 to 127 - which is necessary in particular for the assessment of automatically generated matchings.

Values> 100 are subject to manual matching, eg 125-127 = CNET Matchings, 110 = ITscope Matchings and others.

Automated matchings have a maximum quality of 100, of which discounts are made according to the following criteria:

  • Deviations in the manufacturer article number (eg model name instead of manufacturer item number)
  • Difference in EAN
  • (Eg card reader! = Input device (keyboard, mouse etc.), projector lamp! = Projector)
  • Price too low: Prices that deviate beyond an internally defined range are only accepted if they are explicitly marked as a special action by the distributor. Exceptions are made for items whose condition is not new.
  • Deviation of the technical characteristics (eg storage capacity unequal)

Display of the matching quality
In, the matchings quality can be displayed by clicking on a supplier source. In addition, "doubtful matchings" (quality <= 80) are marked with a warning.

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