In the head area of ​​the board of the board, buttons show the price difference of the current distribution of the demand to the suppliers. Green numbers show the savings that can be achieved when selecting the respective variant.

When clicking on one of these buttons, the corresponding optimization is displayed. The following optimizations are available:

  1. Manual: The arrangement of the sources of supply, as it was created initially by you, by you have placed items on the cart. If you manually move items in the shopping basket, these items are considered in the "Manual" arrangement.

  2. Budget Partner: The optimization attempts to assign all positions of suppliers that you are already entered into a partnership in the system. Items that are not available for your partners remain on the manual assignment.

  3. Budget: This optimization is analogous to "Budget Partner", with the difference that the positions are distributed independent of the partner status.

  4. Minimal sources: An optimization variant that tries to keep the number of suppliers to a minimum. Preferred partners are preferred, but non-partners are also accepted as a relapse option.

The sum of the current distribution of the shopping basket to the suppliers is displayed in the header area.

Supplier Assignment for Shopping Optimization

Suppliers are only used for optimization if the article is explicitly listed as "in stock" with at least the required number of items (eg 10+ is not enough to cover a requirement of 12).

Reference sources having the following characteristics are preferably used:

  1. Brand new item (can be viewed on the sources of supply-pop on the product page)

  2. Mapping quality high (also in reference sources-pop)

  3. within a plausible range of prices (can be viewed on the price costing Info pop on the product page)

If no source of supply meets all of these conditions, the optimizer takes the next one, with the distinction of new goods / used goods prioritizing the allocation quality and the margin.

Further explanation of the terminology used can be found in our purchasing board glossary.

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