e-Service area

As before, the eServiceAdmin area allows you to store an e-mail address to which order notifications are sent. This is done in the "Order" service under "E-mail for orders".

On the employee profile can be set for each employee the right "Sell". If this right is set, the employee is also notified by e-mail of new orders received.

These settings are only relevant for notifications when you are offering e-mail orders. For EDI order connections no notifications are sent on this basis.

User right: Sell

The new user permission "selling" is a prerequisite for the use of the sales board. Without this right, the menu items in the "Trade menu" in the header area are not displayed at all.

In addition, the "sell" right, as already mentioned, implies that the user receives an e-mail notification as soon as an order has been received.

Further information on the sales board can be found in our glossary.

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