All orders and customer orders can be viewed in an overview table from the time the order was sent. The concept between purchasing and sales board is generally the same, so the following is always mentioned for the sake of simplicity.

Overview list

This overview table is primarily used to be able to reopen orders that have been hidden on the board because of the archiving function. The table is sorted by order date by default and displays all orders not yet archived.

On each line, basic data about the order is displayed. The status of the order is clearly highlighted on the far right. Via the links to business partners and order number, the detailed view for the particular purchase order can be opened.

Filter and sorting

With the help of the selection fields in the filter area, the orders can be restricted to a specific status or business partner. Also, the filter can be set to archived orders to display all archived orders that are no longer displayed in the right column of the board.

The sorting options allow sorting by order date, last change of the order, supplier and order number.

Detailed view

The order view corresponds largely to the detailed display of orders known to the board. However, the orders are no longer editable. In the activities, to the right of the order data, the development of the order can be viewed.

It is possible to include comments on the order in the activity history. These comments are only visible to your own company. If the same order is viewed by your business partner, the customer sees only the automatically created entries for the order progress, as well as the comments generated by himself.

Further information Details can be found in article "Detailed view of a single order".

Restore archived orders

Archived orders can be archived in the detail view of the purchase order. Use the button to the right of the title. A dearched order appears again on the board and is displayed in the archive only if the archive filter is switched off.

List of purchase or sales orders

The purchasing archives are available to merchants who display their own orders at all suppliers.

Suppliers have access to the sales archive in addition to their own purchasing archive. In the sales archives, all incoming orders are visible to customers who arrived on the board in the right column of the completed orders.

The structure of the purchasing archive and sales archive is basically the same. However, each participant considers the orders concerning him to all his business partners in his view. Thus, the filter on suppliers of the purchasing archive in the sales archive is replaced by a filter on customers.

A single order, which the dealer has sent to the supplier and the supplier has confirmed and concluded, thus appears in two different archives. The merchant sees his order, which he can set to "archived" independently of the supplier and only for himself to remove it from his shopping cart. The supplier can independently set his own archive flag to remove the order from his sales board. Both business partners neither see the archiving status, nor the comments of the other. Together they see the contents of the order and their status in their respective archives.

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