Own contacts and companies can be created and called from the offer function as well as created by companies> All companies> themselves. Creating With the click of company (1) An additional input window (2), in which you can enter the newly created company incl. Contact person and address directly.

If you enter a company name that is already known to ITscope, it will be listed in the suggestion list. Otherwise a new entry is created here. If you select an existing company, the address data can already be transferred here, or the address can be created again if you have entered a different address (for example, for an outside location).

The same applies to the contact person within the company.

It is very important to note that the self-made contacts / companies are only visible for your own company account.

To store the customer number (eg from your ERP) company newly created, call the company and choose the tab page "account with us." Then you can store the customer number of the customer (3).

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