ITscope provides its users two ways to access the edited product data.

  • The ITscope platform for direct, interactive access for the user.
  • The ITscope API (Application Programming Interface) as a communication interface for data and resources with other products or services.

What is the ITscope API?

Target of ITscope API is to open important functions of ITscope platform for third-party systems to integrate ITscope in the company processes.

The ITscope API, an external product or service to communicate with the service ITscope allowed. Specifically, it allows others to access data and services of ITscope infrastructure, to use them in their own systems and to network with ITscope. This is the way, can be exchanged with ITscope on the other companies.

For whom the ITscope API is intended?

Originally APIs are used by partners outside the company access to data and resources to enable. Modern APIs, as well as the ITscope API, aim to offer non-developers easy access. ITscope sets himself on to certain parts on the ITscope API, which is therefore always maintained and developed.

Why ITscope API use?

The ITscope API allows a daily aggregated and processed product data from all at ITscope listed distributors in their own products and services integrate.

As the API is being developed?

The API is continuously developed to make available services such as products, exports, offers or orders.



The ITscope API is RESTful (Representational State Transfer). Without going too far to go into the details REST consists roughly of the following ingredients:

  • The base URL of the API, in our case
  • defined MIME return formats such as JSON or XML
  • a handful of operations like PUT, GET, or DELETE
  • and everything is based on the HTTP standard.

Further information on REST, for example, the following points are taken:

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