General information

The data sheet is used to select the product data on an HTML page or a PDF document. The link to this data sheet can be passed on using the parts function or can also be directly integrated into a webshop via the API. The two variants differ in the selection of the conten providers and in their order. Depending on which content is available for a product, the content provider is selected according to this fixed order. A data sheet always contains only the data of a content provider.

Internal retrieval

All datasheet calls originating from the ITscope website are internal releases. This also includes downloads or the link, which is called up via the split function. For all, the following content provider applies: icecat, CNET HTML Advanced, ITscope. Data from CNET is also displayed if no CNET contract has been concluded with CNET. Using the split function, a data sheet link is generated, which can also be viewed without logging on the platform.

External retrieval

If data sheets are retrieved via the REST API, they are considered as an external call. For these the following content provider applies: CNET HTML Advanced, icecat, ITscope. CNET content is only selected, however, if the content was previously enabled via a corresponding CNET contract. The external data sheet can also be customized with a template. In this way, for example, an own company logo or the main specifications of a webshop can be transferred to the data sheet.

Datasheets in API / Export

The Data Links are available directly through the API or in the export in the fields standard html datasheet as HTML or standardPdfDatasheet PDF. These links are already so encrypted that no API key is needed to call them. This means that these links can be directly integrated into all systems and can be shared with everyone, are required without the credentials.

Flowchart for content selection


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