All product information is available on the product page.

Head area

Information about the identification of the product is displayed here.



These include manufacturers (1) name (2), manufacturer part number (4), EAN (5), ITscope ID (6), contractType (7), product features (8), prices (12) and an image gallery (9).

The manufacturer's specification (1) is linked, so that can be changed directly on the corporate website of the manufacturer on the ITscope platform. Contact details are available here.

Under the product identifier by means of two buttons (3) is linked to the product.

The green button opens a search for all products of the manufacturer.

The blue button opens a search limited to the specific material class.

The action bar under the features (10) provides functions to view information on to parts to put to extract and the product to a collection.

The "Share" function allows, for example, the sending of product information via email. "Download" allows the download of product data in different formats.

Under the action bar is a string (11) with I Tscope ID of the product and price information.

This information is also displayed in customer mode, but there is no indication that it is price information. This should provide a discreet option in the customer mode to see the amounts underlying the customer price calculation without the customer being able to comprehend it without further ado.

Indicated prices (12) Favourable HEK and closing price.

When you click on the calculated price, the calculation bases are displayed in a pop-up window, so that the price calculation is comprehensible.

Right next to the retail price is a configuration icon (13) the right to Klick pricing leads.

The gallery (9) shows the header preview all available images. Clicking on the main picture or a picture of the preview bar opens a gallery window in which large-format images can be viewed in full-screen mode

Navigation bar

The navigation bar (1) can be used to jump quickly to a section.

Clicking on a link also opens the corresponding panels. When you click on the product presentation in the bar, you are again navigated to the header area.



The product information is divided into groups.

For each product exactly the groups are offered, which are relevant. Some are generally available as sources of supply, road pricing or data sheet. Others are only available if sufficient data are available as accessories or second-hand market.

The panels can be opened and closed by clicking.

If the information is not needed, panels should be collapsed as this will speed up the page layout.

Collapsed panels indicate, where applicable, the number of entries.

When opening another product, only those panels that were last open are open.

If you want to display all panels again click the button "All Listings" or "All Hide" to hide all areas / panels.


The first and still existing panel contains the sources of supply (1) for the product. The structure is the section where to buy and order described. Is Gebrauchtware available to the product, this in a separate panel "Used Market" (2) are shown.

Street prices

To compare the prices the platform retrieves corresponding offers of miser and Amazon.

The display can be switched between gross and net.

This information is for guidance only.

In order to ensure that the same product is available at the same price at the same price, the provider has to switch to the offer.

It can also not be guaranteed that the offerers have the product at all on offer.

Data sheets

In the panel "data sheet" Technical data (1) are displayed on the product.

You can choose between different data sources (2) and languages are switched. Here is the download of data sheets possible (3).

In addition, all known product IDs are displayed (4).



A graphic overview shows the progression of price and stock over time.

A tooltip identifies exact values ​​at the time the position of the mouse pointer is represented. Clicking and dragging on the graph allows you to increase the time period and to examine it in more detail.

Among the price / storage history is a graph showing the click statistics is the product on ITscope.


All available texts for the product are listed as a description.

This includes detailed product identifier, marketing texts, etc. on.

Original accessories

If assigned to a product in ITscope accessories, panels with original accessories, or compatible accessories are displayed.


The accessories are in a list grouped by product type displayed.

The display is similar to the one used by the product search, as thumbnail, product identifier with link to the product page, basic data, prices, as well as an indication of availability are recognizable.

Clicking on the line, instead of product image or product identifier, will display references to the accessory product.

This reference source display completely corresponds to the already known representations of reference sources.


You can leave comments on the product here.

The visibility of the comments may be limited to employees of their own company (1) or be determined for all platform participants (2).

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