With a click in the search fieldthe last searches will be shown



During the input of a search term, suggestions are displayed via a drop-down menu. The first five suggestions are updated with each change to the search term. If the product you are looking for is already listed in this list, you can go directly to the product page.

Since the search field is always available, also on the product page, you can search for sufficiently restrictive search terms without ever having to look at the table of search results.




Filter search results

The filters are displayed in the area between the search field and the result table of the product search. Only filter criteria relevant to the current search are available. Limiting the results through a filter criterion can cause other filter criteria to be blurred because they no longer apply to the current result set.



Display search results

The search result can be displayed in "expanded" or "compact" mode. Advanced Mode provides more information on a product line and requires more space. To display more lines on a page, use the compact mode.

In addition to the display mode, the sorting of the results can also be selected. The three most important sorting criteria are accessible directly by means of separate buttons. Further options are available via the button with the arrow from a menu. Some sorting offers switching between ascending and descending sorting. A small arrow symbol to the left of the name indicates the currently selected variant. The sequence is switched by repeated pressing of the same button.

The results table has the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • arrow keys right:
    • Show detail preview
    • Links: Hide detail preview
    • Top: Line up
    • Bottom: line down
  • Enter: Open the product page
  • Empty key and T: Switch detail preview
  • F3: Focus in the search field

Compact View


Extended View



Detail preview

To the right of the search results list, you can display a section that displays product details about the current product line in a compact form. The area is opened by clicking on a line and closed with the 'X' in the details area. In addition, the keyboard navigation described in the previous section is available.

In this preview the most important information and controls are available for product - Detailed product information is presented on the product page. In the preview are the main features, datasheet, laying on a collection, and the sources of supply of the product is available. The reference source list is complete, so it can be sorted and grouped and it is possible to order from the preview.



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