There are currently three listing options available being combinable:

Standard listing

With the standard listing your products and prices will be visible to everyone on ITscope immediately.


  • Every ITscope user can export your data e.g. for online shops or ERPs
  • Each of our ICT companies can see your products and prices immidiately.

Notes for implementation

Individual prices

These prerequisites have to be met to show individual prices:

  1. You provide individual price lists in CSV for your customers
  2. These can be retrieved via FTP or HTTP with authentication


  • Your customers can see their personalized prices on ITscope
  • They can calculate their selling price based on their purchase price or export your products in their online shops
  • Please consider that many major customers only consider suppliers being able to display individual prices on ITscope

Notes for implementation

Real-time retrieval

Prerequisites have to be met to show real-time prices:

  1. You provide an interface (XML/SOAP/REST/service URL) with authentication to transfer the XML/CSV/TXT data
  2. Our IP range ( - has to be permitted for real-time retrieval


  • The price and stock information will be requested right after somebody opens the product page on ITscope.

This option should be preferred since it is more up to date noticeably.

Notes for implementation

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