The pricing is used to determine sales prices for display on the platform and in the export.

The price calculation is available via the product menu.

Basic settings are made at the top of the pricing page (1).

By entering price limits can be applied in a simple manner a price grid. For each price range, different margins, based on purchase price or selling price, are determined that are valid as default rule (2). The limits of the price grid are also graphically (3).

Other pitches and margins can for individual product types are created in addition (4). The standard grid for products which fall into the category of advanced pricing usually overwritten by the grid (5). The differences from the standard grid also be shown in a diagram (6).

Configuration changes to pricing are automatically entered on the right side in the activities, where the history of changes is visible.

The calculated from these rules retail price is displayed on the product page includes tax. The calculation steps as well as the associated net VK price can be displayed there by clicking on the VK price.

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