In order to be listed as a supplier on ITscope some basic requirements have to be met. Otherwise the processing and integration of the pricelist on ITscope may fail.

These basic requirements have to be met in order to integrate your pricelist successfully:

  1. Every pricelist has to be an CSV-, TXT- or XLS-File. XML (W3C well-formed) or XLSX (from Excel 2007) is also possible in individual cases.

  2. Every File has to have column headings in the first row. The headings may not contain line breaks.

  3. Your pricelist needs to be on your own FTP or HTTP-Server.
    Please also tell us the login credentials if any needed.

  4. We're requesting your pricelist every hour generally between 7AM and 6PM, if the pricelist has been updated since the last request.
    In order to verify if there are any updates on your pricelist, your server has to contain the "last-modified" entry in the HTTP response header. This isn't necessary if you're providing your pricelist via FTP.

  5. The pricelist has to be updated frequently (generally at least once per day) in order to keep your prices and stock up-to-date.

  6. Every line of the pricelist may contain exactly one product.

  7. Your item number must remain constant for the item offered and must be unique. A same item number must never be used for two different offers (or different article conditions)

  8. All prices have to be net prices in EURO. It shouldn't contain the currency within the cell.

  9. CSV / TXT files: The column delimiter has to be unique, preferably semi-colon ( ; ), TAB or PIPE ( | )
    The file has to be formed correctly (quoting fields with breaks or other delimiters, no quoting in the header!).

  10. Following information should be considered in your company profile:
    • Your profile with your current logo, contact person
    • Listing and order settings (see ITscope Help-Center[eservice config link - translation in progress])

  11. Your pricelist file has to contain at least the following columns in order to be processed properly. The content of these fields may meet the requirements defined in Field descriptions and examples
    • Article number (your unique SKU)
    • Manufacturer-SKU and/or EAN/GTIN (every product has to contain at least one of them, we recommend both for better matching)
    • Manufacturer name
    • Product description
    • Category (one or more columns)
    • Net price
    • Stock
    • Item condition (not required, if only New Retail items are being sold)

Note: This page has been translated with the Google Translation Service.

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    Patrick van de Braak

    Lots of info and nicely documented but after reading all relevant pages i still haven't found any info on where is actually price list must be submitted.
    Could you please clarify where to submit price list URL of my SCV?