The different areas of the platform can be reached via the menu in the left area .

Click on the "Hamburger" button (1) to expand and collapse the menu.

In the side menu you can switch between the different areas of the platform (2). Below is the project area (3) for quick access to the collections, offers and shopping carts.

The customer mode can be accessed via the icon at the bottom left (4).

In the top bar is the search field of the global search (5) , with which one can search the whole platform.

To the right is the message center (6), the communication menu (7) as well as the own user menu (8) . This is user-related and offers the possibility to invite people to ITscope as well as to call up their own user profile , the contract page and the company page . Also, the logout from the platform can be found at this point.

Tip: The user menu is the fastest way to access your own company profile, employee profile, and online help.

Note: This page has been translated with the Google Translation Service.

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