In the upper area of ITscope is a menu bar across the all areas of application can be achieved.

The main menu (1) to switch between standard mode and client mode. Clicking on the main menu opens the Dashboard. There are also some quick accesses to the website.

The platform is fundamentally divided into four areas: Products (2) Companies (3), orders (4) hotel (5). Each menu item contains a direct link to the most important sub-area, such as the product portal, as well as a submenu with all available options.

Separately, the menu of the search box, can be searched context-based with which in the area currently selected (in the dashboard, a search products).

To the right is the language (6), the communication menu (7) as well as its own user menu (8). This is user-based and provides the opportunity to invite people to ITscope and invoke their own user profile, the contractual side and the corporate side. Also the logout of the platform can be found at this location.

Tip: The user menu is the fastest way to access their own company profile, employee profile, and online help.

The products area

The product area includes the product catalog and all reference sources. Here you can search for products, filter search results, access sources and product details, and initiate ordering processes. Furthermore, you will find tools such as product exports, price calculations and the collections.

The companies area

The profiles of all companies represented on the platform can be viewed in the company area. With the company search, manufacturers and distributors can be searched and filtered. From the company tab, companies can add new and existing business relationships to the platform via the "Add to network" function.

The orders area

In the order area you find everything around the purchase and sale. For each of these there is a board, the shopping board and sales board. All orders can be viewed and managed on the shopping cart. Completed orders can be easily retrieved via the archive. All orders can be found through the search. Distributors see incoming orders on the sales board.

The quotes area

In the offer area you manage your offers. This allows you to create a new offer for your customers and view and manage existing offers.

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