In this view, you have the option to enter individual products and / or free text items (1).

The address of the receiver can be extended / corrections (2). The proposal's status is initially still in draft mode (3) depending on the progress of the bid status changes.

There are several company-wide settings (4) which can be preset, such as: access to common settings Templating (distance from side edges), notification function and uploading of your own letterhead.

Define the generally applicable tax rate (1) and position-related tax rate (2). On the right side you can select the desired supplierfor ordering the product filter (3).

Individual items can be deleted (4).

Impact and Off position can be "net Total price" (5) automatically created and calculated with reference to the adjustment of.Impact position is not displayed in the offer view for the customer as opposed to a discount item.

The margin can be displayed in euros and % (6).

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