Suppliers will assign a condition to most products.

There are currently following different product condition codes available on ITscope, as described below.


Condition code Condition name Description
1 New new products, retail
2 Used used products
3 B-stock new products with flaws or small errors, remaining stock, special items, without original packaging, damaged packaging, new open box, etc.
4 Refurbished used/second-hand stock, refurbished or reconditioned by the supplier (or a third party). There is no distinction between refurbished and reconditioned on ITscope
5 RMA return merchandise authorisation (RMA) items, returns, wrong deliveries
6 Demonstration model demonstrator/measurement device, sample, exhibition item (this is a subgroup that is usually part of 'B-stock', but can be shown separately here)
7 Build to order Build to order (BTO), manufacture to order, make to order (MTO); this describes new products that are not kept in store, but manufactured on demand
9 Not for resale NFR, not for shop, no consideration in price calculation
10 Bulk bulk products, new without packaging, core product without supplies/software/drivers/accessories
11 Factory refurbished similar to refurbished, but done by the manufacturer, e.g. the 'HP Renew' programme
12 Spare part from new device New pull, product was taken from a new device

Conditions 1 (New) and 9 (NFR) are displayed in the sources of supply table for a product.

All other conditions are collectively shown below this in a panel labelled 'Non-retail', grouped according to product condition.

The status text transmitted by the respective distributor is additionally displayed in the source of supply line, in the event that text (and not a code) was transmitted.

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