Collections serve to collect products for later use.

They can therefore be used for memorizing products, or as starting point for orders or quotes.



Finding collections

You can search through your collections by clicking the side menu entry "Collections" (1) or your can open a collection directly by using the project area (2). 

Creating collections

Collections can be created via one of the two yellow create-buttons 3 and 4.



Collecting products

Products can be added to a collection in the following ways:

  • Via the search field of the collections page. (1)
  • By dragging and dropping products from the product search, a quote or another collection onto the area on the bottom left of the screen (project area).
  • Via the "Collect"-button of a product details page.

Configuring collections

All employes of your company may edit a collection. They may also change the owner of a collection. The owner is used to find and group collections more easily.

For every product of a collection a quantity (2) and a comment (3) can be set.

Using collections to create quotes or orders

Collections can be used as a starting point for new quotes or orders by using the "Actions"-menu (5). This means that all products, amounts and comments will be coppied into the new object. The collection will still remain existing after this process.

Deleting Collections

Collections can be deleted using the options menu (4).


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