Collections serve to memorize products; They are not purposeful. The list of your own collections appears in the left pane. If you click on "Show all", you will land in the company-wide overview of the collections.


You can create collections by clicking on "New" (2) in the left pane or "New collection" in the collection overview.

Edit collections

All employees of a company are allowed to process the collections of their company. On a collection, a comment (3, 4) can be deposited for the collection itself as well as for each individual entry. All employees are allowed to change ownership for each collection, since this assignment is mainly used for grouping collections in the overview. A price (5) as well as a desired quantity (6) can be deposited for each product added to the collection.

Delete collections

Only the owner of a collection is allowed to remove them. The removal of a collection takes place in the collection overview by clicking on the delete button on the corresponding line.

Collect products

You can collect products in which:

  • Drag and drop the products from a product search, another collection, the most recently viewed items, or product detail head into the desired collection in the left pane.

  • Click the "Collect" button in the header of the product details and select the desired collection.

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