Purchasing board

To put a card into an order, it can simply be dragged from the left to the middle column.

The cards in the order column are no longer part of the optimization suggestions. After moving items into an order, the optimization can yield a different result. It is also possible to move individual items between shopping cart and order. It is also possible to return orders back to the cart.



The detail view of a single order shows all relevant order information . As long as an order has not been sent, changes can still be made. From the time the order was sent to the supplier, the content can not be changed.

The order shows the current status (1). This status can only be changed by the supplier for shipped orders.

Notes on the order (2), such as warnings and errors that are determined by data consistency checks before the order is shipped, must be corrected in the event of an error in order to be able to send an order. Warnings should be noted, otherwise there could be problems with the order following the distributor.

Each order contains billing and delivery address (3). These addresses must be in place and complete before the order can be shipped.

Information about order numbers and customer numbers (4) is also displayed. In addition, own numbers can be assigned.

Additional options such as own delivery note or partial delivery (5) are also adjustable.

As long as the order has not yet been sent, a re-reading of the price and storage data can be triggered (6).

The positions of the order are listed in tabular form (7). Generally, the source of supply is uniquely identified. For this purpose, further supplier data, such as the vendor text , EAN, manufacturer article number and the ID assigned by the distributor for this reference source are additionally specified under the product identifier assigned to ITscope. To the right of it are indicated stock, availability, order quantity and the price to be ordered.

Position free texts (8),   The distributors can be printed dependent on the delivery note, in addition to a position being added.

It is also possible in this state to deposit a free text to the order , which is sent as a comment to the supplier (9).

The determined total sum of the order positions, deposited non-binding shipping costs and expected sales tax are also listed (10).

Details about the supplier such as a contact person, general terms and conditions or RMA links and other information are listed under notes of the supplier (11).

In the menu (12) are several other functions:

Under Activities (13) already generated comments and automatically generated entries for events regarding the order appear. It is also possible at any time to write comments on an order, regardless of their condition.

Timeliness of prices

The board is kept up to date. Price and availability are regularly checked by connecting the real-time e-services of the distributors.

Order notification

As soon as an order in ITscope is sent successfully, the user who has placed the order will also receive an order confirmation at his login e-mail address.


Further explanation of the terminology used can be found in our purchasing board glossary.

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