The detailed view of a single order showing all relevant order information. As long as an order has not yet been sent you can still make changes. The content can not be changed from the time it was sent to the supplier.

This order shows the current status (1). This status can only be changed by the vendor in the case of dispatched orders.

Each order contains billing and shipping address (2). These addresses must be present and complete before the order can be sent. Information on order and customer numbers are also displayed.

The positions of the order are tabulated (3). The contents may vary depending on the perspective of the order (buyers, sellers) and order status. In general, however, the reference source is unambiguously identified. For this, the supplier Text is under the product identifier, ITscope has allocated for additional specified directly. The specified number is assigned by the distributor IDfor this source.

In any case, stock level, availability, order quantity and the price, will be ordered to the given.

As long as the order has not been sent, a rescan of the price and stock data are initiated (4). It is in this state also possible to deposit a free text to the order, which is sent as a comment to the supplier (5).

The calculated total amount of order lines, deposited binding shipping costs and expected turnover will also be listed (6).

Details of the supplier as a point of contact, AGB or RMA-links and other references listed under instructions of the supplier (7).

Among activities (8) generated comments and automatically erzeugete messages about what happens when the order already appear. It is also possible at any time to write comments on an order, regardless of its condition.

In the menu (9) There are several other functions:

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