The account management can be reached over your profile picture in the header > My Account, Tab Account.

This page is visible to all users, but detailed details or changes can only be made by the account owner.

Account Owner

The first registered employees of a newly created company is automatically to the account-holder. Since only one employee can have this right, it can not be assigned, but must be transferred from the current account owner to another employee.

For questions about the contracts, all employees can view the contact at ITscope in the head or even find out who is currently the account holder. At this point, the current account owner can also name another employee in the company who is to assume this role in the future. The necessary steps to amend the account owner is described in this article.

Account details

A detailed overview of your account at ITscope. Find your account number, full name of your company, the country of the headquarters of the account and the Internet domain of your company. With the help of the Internet domain, newly registered persons with the same domain are automatically assigned to your company.

Billing Details

Invoices are sent by e-mail as standard. Given under this section, a billing email address must be defined. At this point, the current payment method can also be seen. The payment method is specified by ITscope and may on our accounting change.

Do you have any questions about the invoice?

For questions about your account, please contact

Bank details

For the SEPA Direct Debit scheme we need your bank account. You can enter or change this in this area. Please enter your IBAN and BIC here.


Some products at ITscope have a access limit. These limits can be viewed here.

Data processing addendum according to GDPR

In this section you can sign the data processing addendum with ITscope online and download it as PDF. For questions about data processing or privacy, please contact our Data Protection Supervisor.

Delete company

Deleting the own company is not even possible to do this, just send an email to the ITscope sales.

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